Guided Meditations

You can be your own guru.


Divine Power - 10 minutes

Call all of your energy home, calm the eff down, and come into clarity in 10 minutes. 

Receive Love - 30 minutes

The most valuable and life-changing meditation! AND YOU ARE WORTH EVERY MINUTE. Come home to the Beloved within. 


Acceptance is Queen - 7 minutes

A quick and easy, new approach for putting space between you and your thoughts, emotions, and circumstances. A compassionate practice of bringing your Presence to self and to the present moment, just as it is. Come relax into the Now.  

Ground to the Earth & experience Divine Safety - 9.5 minutes

Feel relaxed, replenished, and restored in your connection to Mother Earth. Come sit in the true safety and security that exists within. 

Heaven on Earth - 8.5 minutes

The meditation is already happening. All you need to do is show up for it. Simply lose interest with the mind and bring your attention to your breath, making room for that which your mind can never know : your essential core self that is always meditating and always aligned with eternity.